The Key

The Key

Often times I’ll hear the words
“What you love, you must let go”
And I never really understood it
Until now.

But let’s begin before we end.

The Beginning
Scratched up and covered in multi-colored polka dots
From one of those Walmart make-your-own-key stands
It hangs on my keychain
Along with a million other contrabands.
Each illegal in their own unique way
Because it seems that every door I open with them
I’m unable to stay

Or say

Say what I truly feel
Express the emotions that are bubbling up inside
On the verge of blowing up.
On the verge of killing me from within.
On the verge of being my poison cup.

The Middle
I wonder if the walls could speak
What they would have to say
I imagine they would weep and shake
From the words they hear every day

I wonder if they’d lend me a helping hand
And try to take me away
Or if they’d simply hand me the blade
For me to kill the heart that is already half turned to clay

The End
I don’t know exactly what to do
I don’t know what to say
I long to seek comfort in the presence of my Lord
But its not time for him to take my soul away
So I guess I’ll stay
And die the inevitable natural way
Unable to move as each piece of my heart turns to clay
Wondering if my heart inside will survive to see another day

Please pray.

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