“We Peoples.”

What even is friendship? I mean think about it really. It’s a title we put on a relationship we have with someone in an attempt to make it into something conceivable and worthwhile. It’s a glass bubble. Something you see, but that’s not really there. But isn’t that the point, making sure its “viewable” so that everyone around you knows you’re valuable and a participating member of society. Why can’t we just have relationships? Why do we have to label every single connection we have with someone. As long as we know what it is, why are we entitled to make it easier for others to understand through preconceived definable words? When asked who the person sitting next to us is, why can’t I just respond, “We peoples.” Why does it have to be “Oh that’s my best friend”, or “Oh that’s my lover.” I don’t care if it’s a romantic connection, blood connection, or just an unexplainable kind of connection, why can’t it just be that: a connection. I just don’t understand the need for all the labels I guess. It just seems to lead to all sorts of unnecessary drama, both internal and external.

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