Hair Bands

I can already tell, tonight is going to be one of those nights where I stay up way too late and instantly regret it the second I wake up.

But here’s to late nights, worn out pens and virgin papers. Here’s to the beautiful result that arises out of midnight creativity. And of course, here’s to memories. Alhamdulillah.

I reached down to pull out a rubber band from the bathroom drawer. My fingers caught on to a thin piece of fabric, and I instinctively pulled it out. Violet and a darker hue of purple, intertwined into a beautifully melancholic accessory.

I don’t quite remember the exact moment I purchased that rubber band. Might’ve been from Justice, might’ve been from generic Target brand. Nonetheless, I remember the time. It was a simpler time, yet encompassed one of the most complex segments of my life, that would inevitably alter my then-definition of life. Late elementary period.

I’ll die with my memories, because I know that I’ll never fully be able to describe them to any mere creation. The Creator alone knows my memories. Every scene, from every angle. Every emotion felt, every tear shed.

And although thinking of that period brings back shockwaves of pain; one after another…I’d grasp hold of any opportunity to go back. Because…it was a simpler time, and life back then…was just that to me: life.

The pain is to much for me now. I must save that volume for another day.

Until part 2,


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